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West Bengal Industrial Infrastructure Development Corporation (WBIIDC) was conceived and established as a key agency of State’s Commerce and Industries Department for provision of requisite industrial infrastructure spread over West Bengal to ensure balanced and well-planned industrial development in the State.

The Corporation is now actively pursuing this role through innovative models and extension of activities into social infrastructure. It has also been tapping its expertise in construction activities.

25/07/2016 06 Nos. New E-Tender Notice Uploaded.

22/07/2016 01 No. New Abridge Tender Notice Uploaded.

20/07/2016 02 Nos. Corrigendum E-Tender Notice Uploaded.

18/07/2016 04 Nos. New E-Tender Notice floated.

05/07/2016 01 No. New Quotation Notice floated.

29/06/2016 02 Nos. E-Tender Notice floated.

28/06/2016 01 No. E-Tender Notice floated.

24/06/2016 01 No. New Quotation Notice floated.

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