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Ease of Doing Business


Notification Date: 08th March, 2019 -Nos. Infra/Gen/1L-H.O.-1/2017(Pt.III)/O/3/2019/326 - For To facilitate the matter of implementation of the providing e-services for Plinth Level Completion Certificate and Occupancy Certificate to promote Ease of Doing Business in West Bengal...:

Notification Date: 25th January, 2019 -Nos. Infra/Gen/1L-H.O.-1/2017(Pt-III)/130 - For successful implementation of initiatives of Ease of Doing Business and in order to place a regulatory mechanism for this purpose, the following mandates while granting construction permit - on plinth level completion & while granting Occupancy Certificate Application through e-district portal, in the light of existing building rules in the State of West Bengal be followed by West Bengal Industrial Infrastructure Development Corporation (WBIIDC):

Notification Date: 18th January, 2019 -LAND ALLOTMENT: Government Of West Bengal, Department Of' Industry, Commerce & Enterprises No. 193-CI/O/ ADN/GEN-MIS/01l15(PII).--11th September, 2017 , - In exercise of the power conferred by sub-section 2 of Section 3 i.e, Section 3(2)of the West Bengal. Right to Public Services Act, 2013 the Governor is pleased to notify the services pertaining to the Department of Industry, Commerce & Enterprises and Various Development Authorities/ Statutory Bodies and Companies under the control of Industry, Commerce & Enterprises Department along with the stipulated time limit for rendering .the services, the Designated Officer(s) responsible for providing the services, the .Appellate Officer(s) /the Reviewing Officer(s) as appended below for the purpose of time bound disposal of land allotment cases for industrial lands, Sanction of Building Plan, Plinth Inspection and Certificate of Inspection after plinth level completion and issuance of Occupancy Certificate..

Notification Date: 07th January, 2019 - NO.Infra/Gen/1L-H.O.-1/2017(Pt-III)/27 - The need of providing various services in Industrial Growth Centres and Parks of WBIIDC through the on-line mode, in view of above, it has been decided to introduce Building Plan Approval and Occupancy Certificate for Industrial purpose in Industrial Growth Centres and Parks of WBIIDC through online mode and accordingly it has been decided that all applications for the above purposes will be submitted by the applicant through online mode..

Notification Date: 19th December, 2018 - NO.Infra/Gen/1L-H.O.-1/2017(Pt-II)/2443 - In view of Easing Business it is ordered that the following mandate shall be followed in the existing online system for allotment of land in Industrial Growth Centres / Parks in the State by WBIIDC.

Notification Date: 19th December, 2018 - NO. Infra/Gen/1L-H.O.-1/2017(Pt-II)/2442- In view of Easing Business, the need of providing various services in industrial Parks and estates of WBIIDC was under active consideration of the State Government for some time. For successful implementation of the initiative and to place a regulatory mechanism for the purpose, following procedure and checklist shall be followed while granting intimation for plinth level completion & occupancy certificate.

Notification Date: 13th December, 2018 - In order to promote Ease of Doing Business in west Bengal, it is necessary that objective Criteria for evaluation of Land Allotment application in Industrial Growth Centres/Parks of WBIIDC in the State be provided for more transparency.