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Detailed Procedure of Land Allotment


Forms are available at Head Office, outlying Offices of WBIIDC and in its official website (www.wbiidc.org). Cost of Application Form-Rs.25000/-(non-refundable) payable through Demand Draft drawn in favour of "West Bengal Industrial Infrastructure Development Corporation" payable at Kolkata.

Applicant is required to submit completed Application Form (in triplicate)-along with Detailed Project report, Plant layout Drawing, documents relating to incorporation/registration of the company /firm/Co-operative Society / JVC, Balance sheets of the last three financial years, details of Directors/partners/Proprietors etc. both in hard and soft format also the Project evaluation fee, as applicable based on the cost of project, is to be deposited along with the application form.

Approval and issue of Offer Letter

If the project is found technically and economically feasible and the plant layout is appropriately made, allotment proposal is placed to the Board of the Corporation for ratification and on final approval of the state cabinet offer letter is issued asking for deposit of requisite payments towards allotment of land.

Joint Measurement

On receipt of requisite payments as per offer letter, a letter for joint measurement will be issued, generally offer is made on first-cum-first served basis subject to the merit of the application.

Allotment Letter

After joint measurement is completed and on receipt of all payments towards adjustments due to increase/decrease in quantity of land measured at site, allotment letter will be issued.

Agreement To Lease

This will be executed between WBIIDC & Entrepreneur on Non-Judicial Stamp Paper of worth Rs.100/- on payment of full land premium and other charges and completion of all other formalities.


On realization of full Lease Premium including other charges & on execution of Agreement to Lease.

Deed Of Lease

To be executed between WBIIDC and Entrepreneur in subsequence observing progress of execution of the project.

Payment Of Annual Lease Rent

Lease rent for first 20 years payable at allotment stage.
Subsequently, at 10 years intervals till end of 99 years lease period.
Lease rent varies for different slabs of land.

Lease & Mortgage

A long term Deed of Lease generally for 99 years is executed after fulfillment of clauses of Agreement to Lease. Stamp Duty & Registration Charges are payable by entrepreneur.
Mortgage permissible with prior consent of Corporation for obtaining financial assistance.

Utilisation Of Land

Submission of factory/Bldg. Plan to WBIIDC within 3 (three) months with requisite fee.
18 (eighteen) months for completion of construction of factory and other facilities on the allotted land.
36 (Thirty six) months for starting production.
[Period reckons from date of possession]

Assignment Of Lease Hold Right

Transferor & proposed Transferee are to apply jointly expressing their interest with documents like Board Resolution subject to following :
> Consent of the Corporation required.
> 10-15% of the existing Lease Premium payable by the incoming unit.
> For mortgaged land, consent of the Financial Institution is required.

Surrender / Resumption Of Land

> In case the allottee surrenders the land after payment of the entire amount of lease premium and other charges, WBIIDC will resume the land if it is intended -
...within six months from the date of possession - after deduction of 2% of the total sum paid
...within 10 years - from the date of possession - after deduction of 5% of the total sum paid
...after 10 years - from the date of possession - after deduction of 10% of the total sum paid

> Failure to utilize the land within stipulated time-frame & for violation of Terms/Condition of Lease the Corporation may resume the land by giving notice to the allottee.