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Coochbehar Industrial Growth Centre, Phase-II

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Coochbehar Jute Park, locating at south of existing Cooch Behar Industrial Growth Centre is strategically positioned at a distance of 4 km. from Coochbehar Town and situated on Coochbehar -Natabari Road and conveniently connected to Cooch Behar Railway Station at a distance of about 2 km. The Jute industry is one of the major industries in the eastern region of India and particularly in West Bengal. Jute, the golden fibre, meets all the standards for safe packaging in view of being a natural, renewable, bio-degradable and eco-friendly product. It has proved to a dependable material for use an alternative to plastic and timber. Technological advancement and continuous research finding by the textile research institutions has changed the profile of jute. Jute fibre being eco-friendly and abundantly available provides ample scope for its application in the manufacture of products for diverse use. Utilization of jute for manufacture of market worthy products has opened up large opportunity.

Jute Diversified Products :

Prospective Jute Based Industrial units would have likelihood to produce

  • Bio-degradable jute fashion bags,
  • high-tech geo textiles and particle boards using jute as raw material
  • textiles using handlooms such as saris, kurtas, frocks and other types of trendy clothes for marketing these in the country and abroad as the export items
  • furniture, curtains,
  • Upholstery, and dashboards and side panels in cars.
  • The new applications identified for jute range from door frames to denim clothes.
  • Jute carpets
Map Of West Bengal

Park snapshot : Coochbehar I.G.C., Phase-II

District Coochbehar
Gram Panchayat Chakchaka
Total Area of Land 33.00 acres
Allottable area 16.51 acres
Area Available for Allotment 1.0 acre
Lease Premium Rs. 14.69 lakh per acre


Road connectivity:

The site is well connected with National Highway No. 31 lying adjacent to the growth Centre. It connects the site to major cities like Kolkata as well as locations like Bagdogra and Siliguri. Majority of the goods being produced in the growth Centre as well as the raw material for these industries comes via this route.

Railway connectivity:

The nearest major railway stations is New Coochbehar which is a part of the North-East Frontier Railways and is just 2 kms away. Coochbehar is well connected by rail to major cities like Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai and Guwahati. The rail route from Coochbehar is one of the important routes connecting North-East India with remaining parts of the country.

Port connectivity:

The site does not have any sea port in the vicinity and the closest ports are Kolkata and Haldia, which are about 800 kms away.

Airport connectivity:

The nearest operating airport is Bagdogra, which is about 160 kms from the site location.

Infrastructure Availability

At a glance:
Heads Characteristics
Internal Roads
  • Length 1.85 km
Street lights
  • 56 no.
Water supply system
  • Pipeline of 2.1 km length
  • Pump houses - 1 no.
  • Overhead Reservoir - 1no
  • Submersible Pumps - 1 no.
Surface drainage system
  • Length 3.20 km
  • 33/11 K.V.A. power Sub Station of WBSEDCL in adjacent Industrial Growth Centre
Administrative Office of WBIIDC
  • Existing within the Growth Centre.

Coochbehar Industrial Growth Centre

Roads and internal transportation

Paved Bituminous Internal Roads have been developed within Park for providing access to individual plots.


West Bengal State Electricity Distribution Company Limited (WBSEDCL) will supplying stable and quality power supply to the Park from Power Substation location in industrial Growth Centre adjacent to the Park. Adequate power is available in the region.



WBIIDC has made requisite arrangements to ensure continuous water supply to the Park by drawing water from tube wells and supplying through overhead reservoir and network of pipelines.

Street Lights

Adequate Street lighting arrangements have been made.

Map Of West Bengal

Map Of West Bengal

Drainage and Sewerage

Drainage of treated industrial and storm sewer is facilitated through network of surface drains.


Land Use Category-Industrial
Allotees need not apply for Change of Land Usage Character
Details of Infrastructure may also be seen in GIS System GIS System

Approvals Required for Starting a Manufacturing Enterprise in the Industrial Growth Centre

1 WB Directorate of Micro Small & Medium Industry Link
2 Goods and Services Tax Link
3 Professional Tax Registration Link
4 Income Tax Department Link
5 Directorate of Factories Government of West Bengal Link
6 Registration of Partnership Firms Link
7 West Bengal Cooperative Societies Link
8 Fire and Emergency Services Link
9 West Bengal Pollution Control Board Link
10 Petroleum & Explosive Safety Organisation Link
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